Bo and Uma Zano have just opened a new level of enchantment in their sim, Elvion. I found endless spots and situations for photography, and did not resist. 
Below are the best of of the pics taken there, and as a bonus, a little movie, dancing for the flowers of Elvion.
To reach Dreamland, go to the house, where you will find the TPs: Taxi

Dancing For The Flowers 1
Dancing For The Flowers 2
Dancing For The Flowers 3
Dancing For The Flowers 4
Dysfunctional Time Machine 1
Dysfunctional Time Machine 2
Flowers And Birches
Hide And Seek In The Birches
Ladder Or Not
The Boss Lost In The Fog
Training 1
Training 2
Training 3
Training 4
Training 5
Training 6
Training 7
Training 8
Training 9
Vegan Hug
Learning To Fly
Elvion Cat
End Of The Trip
Waiting For The Tide
Another Conversation
A Porcelain 5 Oclock Tea


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