The creation of Ambre Singh is first and foremost a look at our worlds and our daily lives ... but a look offbeat, sharp, full of humor and humanity that questions us and relativizes us. Her work is like a surrealist report, always funny, tender and poetic. She puts our realities in the abyss. She lightly asks essential questions about our humanity with a perfect mastery of photographic tools. She plays with the senses that she diverts with finesse.

Human arrogance is currently reaching new heights. For billions of years, Life has been evolving throughout the universe, guided by an Intelligence that is beyond our capacity to understand. In our lost suburb of the Milky Way, we bipeds who barely attained self-awareness, declare war on Life (in its viral form) and think we're going to get away with it. Hmm. Let's choose again... Read on, just to put your mind at ease. 

In her blog Diomita and Jenny Maurer's Blog, Diomita Maurer explored my main art gallery. A wonderful review I copy here, mainly for safety reasons, I don't want to loose it.

Thank you Diomita ❤️.  The original blog is here: Art in Second Life 2020 (46) Ambre Singh Gallery

Two things are infinite, said Einstein, the universe and human stupidity; before adding, but I'm not sure for the universe.

Since my early childhood, I cannot trust authorities - parental, medical, religious, political, and so on. Today, it offers me an interesting vantage point to observe our planetary crisis. Fake authorities fuck fake folks. Let's smile about it.

Le nouvel Origène ou le rut vaincu

Il avait ces jours-là défloré mille vierges
de diverses couleurs, et suivant les leçons 
des Pentapolitains huit cents jeune garçons
parmi lesquels le fils - horreur - de ses concierges

May we move gently away from the old male ways of raping the planet and all of life, and let emerge deeply buried female aptitudes to care for all that is.
May our thoughts and actions spring from the blissful core of our hearts. 
Happy new year and decade!
Ambre Singh

Flickr pro members have receved a letter from the SmugMug + Flickr CEO, telling in brief that Flickr is still loosing money. And that we should encourage our friends to go pro and pay. And that the pro subscription fee will increase next year. 

Each day a new little window opened on the final Christmas image... An unbearable suspense. 
Plus a bonus...

I loved Frog's Hollow sim very much. Now the winter seasons has inspired Stella Mahogany, with this wonderful Winter's Hollow sim. Not only is it a beautiful creation , but it's so full of cute details that  I spend quite some time ... creating mischiefs. 

Some think a mermaid's life is only fairy happy play. Eh no. 

It started with the 50th birthday of the Pink Floyd album Ummagumma. I had to make some sort of tribute.

Then I thought of all the fine people (and beautiful avis) gathering in the famous FogBound Blues club in Second Life. Bringing them together on the Beatles’ Sgt Pepper album cover could be fun…

It can happen in many worlds: an island disappears . Flat ones may vanish when ocean waters rise. Others may collapse during a volcanic activity. In SL, an island disappears when the owner abandons the land.

850 years of history, generations of memories burnt. Yet... Dreaming that the purification quality of fire heals centuries of pain related to the Church, and that only the genius and beauty remains as the foundation of a rebuilt cathedral.

Sign of the times, the Happy Easter Fresco 2019 is politically correct has two versions, with or without yolk. A note for the vegan version: the rabbit on the right is not edible, he simply chose the wrong hole.

Each day a new little window opened on the final Christmas image... An unbearable suspense. 
Plus a bonus...

I spent some time visiting Transients, an amazing exhibition by Mrs and Mr S, hosted by the G.B.T.H. project. Room after room, disconcerting and dreamlike ambiances enchant the visitor. Be sure you know how to fly a bicycle before venturing in there!