portrait3 nov17 19"It is your mind that creates this world", said Buddha. 
All you do in SL will subtlely change you and others in all worlds. So in my life and art, I thrive to add my spice, beauty and love. 

My images tell stories. I set up scenes in SL, or I mix worlds... If the harvest is good, I make an exhibition. 
Sometimes I also photograph people of character in SL or in studio, trying to express the life and soul of the people and places

Colorful or discrete, tender or erotic, sometimes silly, often ironical, my images are never politically correct, never vulgar.

On my grave I want this epitaph:
"Art is my soul masturbation. I do it for my myself, but others can watch."
- Ambre Singh

Ambre Singh Gallery

A main floor with my current works.
A second floor with my views on classical art and religion, and multiple rezzable installations, including:

  • Breaking the spell, a mini version
  • Cancel Culture
  • Titilliations, about the School of Fontainebleau
  • Movie posters pastiched by Ambre
  • Anachronisms, my early SL works
  • The Lustiver Travels
  • Octopus Garden
  • The chocorgy Room
  • Bad crash on alien world
  • The Holy Jade Temple
  • What Tits this? An ode to breasts
  • Portraits, in several rooms
  • Other illustrated quotes
  • The Art of Bliss
  • The Tennis Match story
  • Ambre seen by other photographers
  • The Heat Wave
  • 7 Deadly Sins
  • Several scenes with Past Masters
  • The little Rumi Theater, illustrations of his 100 best quotes: during 10 years, I illustrated quotes of the great mystic Rumi. 
  • And more…

Main gallery and museum:

Current public exhibitions

I regularly exhibit my work in various galleries and events. 

I also have a Flickr account: Visit it

Past Exhibitions

  • 2022, Aquaresses, invited female guest in Kassiels exhibition, Puerto Banana
  • 2022, The Penis Rock, collective exhibition, in Onceagain Gallery
  • 2021, Breaking the spell, Commune Utopia
  • 2021, Cancel Culture, in Noir'Wen
  • 2021, The (..) World of Ambre Singh, Templeton Cove Art Walkway
  • 2021, Titilliations, about the School of Fontainebleau
  • 2020, Art exhibition in The After club
  • 2020, Street art exhibition in Noir'Wen
  • 2020, Exhibition in The Phenix Artists Collaboration sim
  • 2019, Losing my Religion, l'Azile
  • 2019, Desparate (b)jobs, Noir'wen
  • 2018, Ambre's Utopias, Commune Utopia Art Gallery
  • 2017, Orientalisms, The Shakti Gardens
  • 2009, Movies, The Ergo's Point Tower of Arts
  • 2008, Anachonisms, The Ergo's Point Tower of Arts


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In a sea of predictability, your work is art.
Viridios Morningstar, July 2022

Beautiful, creative, naughty, hilarious. A unique voice with something to say.
TT Looming, July 2022

Hi Ambre, I do like your pictures. Almost made me fall in love with you. Realy great stuff!
Isabella, June 2022

Another genius display of work!
Cora Hazel Manx, April 2022

Incredibly beautifull, thoughtful and witty.! Thank you Ambre, I love your work!
Kilianis, April 2022

Thank you for the pleasure of the eyes , sensual , erotic , suggestive but not vulgar , thank you ☺. 
Tiboo Izi Freerider, April 2022

If one could box up your creative and naughty humor and sell it... a fortune might be made.
It is so much fun and enjoyment following you.

Xan, February 2022

You have such a delightful wit and rare ability to translate a fun idea into something clear and beautiful as well. ✨
Zakk Bifrandt, February 2022

Il faut que tu sache que tu a apporté certainement des milliers de rires, de sourires et d'émotions, et çà c'est un précieux prodige qui hantera encore longtemps bien des têtes Ambre. Merci pour tout ce que tu nous a offert et si gentiment partagé! 
Mam'zelle Paulette, November 2021

Ambre´s arts is really mindblowing. It made me realise/embrace our importance as girls in the society. Our hability to give ourselves, to accept and feel our being is what make the world good. Thank you Ambre.
Alice Duarte, September 2021

To know you has been one of the best things I've experienced in Second Life, an honor and also an honor to have a glimpse of you beautiful, marvelous mind through your works, you're amazing my dear sexiness!
Trexy, June 21

Inspire, action, inspiration, dès notre naissance les murs invisibles se dressent, délicats à franchir. Ils sont invisibles! Nous en faisons l’expérience quotidiennement. Ils ne se remarquent pas. Nous ne nous apercevons pas les avoir heurtés. Nous supposons le choc consécutif à toutes autres origines. Ces murs, fantômes de notre histoire, bornent notre chemin. Qui donc construit ces murs ? Les rendre visibles est impossible. Alors, comment les éviter ?
Toutes les observations convergent. Des signes nous alertent, perceptibles. Cela signifie que notre regard, pas plus que notre attention ne s’attardent sur ces avertissements. Nous nous souvenons de quelques mots, quelques paroles explicites... après la chute. Des sensations nous reviennent auxquelles nous n’avons pas prêté attention. Retours d’émotions amères, de pilules délicates à avaler. Pourquoi toujours trop tard?
Le contraire nous rendrait une vie insoutenable de douleurs. Je me souviens de ces attitudes d’enfance qui faisaient dire oui en pensant non, plus rarement l’inverse, et pourtant sans jamais mentir à d’autres que soi-même. Fausses croyances que toutes celles qui se sont accumulées au fil de nos premières années. En doutez-vous ? Sans doute avez-vous alors rencontré le Père Noël ! Moi j'ai rencontré Ambre !!!
Lilou Lefèvre, May 2021

Ambre, unstoppable, and will never have her idea's and imagination suppressed or the light put out. Thank you for sharing your work.
Matty Bluesky, May 2021

I just wants to say how wonderful this is..ALL your work. I love your imagination Thank You so much for sharing with me...
Love, Freddie Oldrich,  May 2021

I was brought here by a friend and i inherited a new one! Amazing work Ambre, we'll see u soon x. 
Coach, May 2021

Most beautiful gallerty of most amazing kind and beautiful Ambre!!! 
Tata, February 14, 2020

Such a great exhibition of your works . Lovely gallery. Enjoyed every moment and every Artwork.
Kisses: Misa, January 24, 2020

Such a unique way to take what "anyone" can take pictures of yet bring it to life and say more than just what's on the canvas.
Luke, January 29, 2020

Such a great exhibition of your works . Lovely gallery. Enjoyed every moment and every Artwork.
Artemisa Cucuteniu, January 24, 2020

The creation of Ambre Singh is first and foremost a look at our worlds and our daily lives ... but a look offbeat, sharp, full of humor and humanity that questions us and relativizes us. Her work is like a surrealist report, always funny, tender and poetic. She puts our realities in the abyss. She lightly asks essential questions about our humanity with a perfect mastery of photographic tools. She plays with the senses that she diverts with finesse. Hidden in her work is a contained anger, a silent revolt that pushes us to question ourselves, but with a tenderness in our heart and a smile on our lips. Filled with hope that we are fundamentally good.
Ñïéü, January 21, 2020

What a brilliant art gallery you have here! I really enjoyed your humor and talent. Thank you for having such a great place to visit and view your depiction of art as we have know them to be and as we see it through your eyes. 
Solo♥, January 19, 2020

You have more phantasy in your little finger than I have in my entire body. I am serious... that's great work!
Alurcha Niekerk, January 13, 2020

The feeling of what it is to be woman. Thank you changed my life in that first day we met. My year 2020 is totally different because of you! Hugs xoxo
Lyric, January 9, 2020

Its an awesome experience here always . rejuvenates our body, mind and soul . So Profound Thoughts. Feel the Universal Love...
LoveGuru, November 2, 2019

Blasfemia a parte, ci sono trovate creative e originali. Simpatica la Dama con l'ermellino :). 
Giallo Bird, September 24, 2019

Une HONTE! Un SCANDALE! Cette exposition incroyable n'est pas dans toutes les bonnes écoles d'art! Bravo Ambre et merci!  :-)
Mam'zelle Paulette, August 26, 2019

Quirky, creative and Original are the words that come up when I see your work. You are a sweetheart and awesome to work/play with! I look forward to more creative collaborations in the future.
- ̗̀Bυввʟεs ̖́-,August 10, 2019

I just love all the artwork here. It's amazing and clever. Oh and sensual.
Laura Connolly, Avril 13, 2019

A world of Magical Images ..to immerse yourself in. 
Wild Pagan, March 11, 2019

This is an amazing place of an amazing woman! SO much great shots at one place. Ambre you are amazing and not just your pics. Love ya xx.
BobbiEden, March 2, 2019

So beautiful!!  I love everything!! 
Patte de Chat, May 1, 2019

You always do amazing work keep it up Girl You are the best!. 
Xara, April 1, 2019

Lovely picture works by a really nice person! :-). 
Raphaela, March 1, 2019

Love it! Very cool & inspirational! 
Charlotte Belladonna, January 2, 2019

Congratulations very nice work which you do is very beautiful your work. 
Juan Sin Miedo, November 6, 2018

A delightful and profound gallery of quotes and images!
CybeleMoon, August 21, 2018

I love your choc exhibit! So original and detailed!.
George Bing, July 20, 2018

I enjoyed seeing your works at Shakti Gardens and here. Very creative and well done!
Chondy, June 30, 2018

Wonderfull work. I am a long time RL artist, and new SL photographer.
Thett Raventree, June 19, 2019 

Love your art! Always astonishing and beautiful. Love you!
Tatjana, June 14, 2019

What can I say by someone who has seen a ton... a metric ton (I'm Canadian) of art but the highest compliment - this is unique.
Farrah, June 9, 2019

Ambre your Rumi room is inspiring and liberating, thank you.
Jules, June 3, 2018

Great work! Thanks for this gallery to appreciate it!
Patrick, May 10, 2019 

Your work manages to appeal intellectually, emotionally and physically. Physically is a real accomplishment. Thank you.
Marque Shergood, May 6, 2018 

AMBRE SINGH - remember this artist's name. EXTRAORDINARY EXPO NOW!
Ambre is an artist for our times, an erotic genius of SL photographic femininity whose inspiration & pure compassion flow from ancient & modern poets & philosophers. Hafez, Krishnamurti... there is so much content it would take months to fully comprehend, and so it shall be: I've booked her the entire summer in the Art Meadow!
Yoru Lamourfou, May 3, 2018

Awesome work Ambre! Big Congratulations! You are my inspiration and my teacher. Keep up the good work! Kisses from Karo.
KarolinaKatt, May 2, 2018

J'ai passé par ta galerie de photographies et il m'a plu les photos que tu exposes. Ce sont toutes très belles et amusantes aussi.
Leizah Rosana, April 11, 2018

Des lieux agréables bourrés de bonnes surprises, et du talent à n'en pas douter !!
Jondalar Arado, March 9, 2018

Congratulations Ambre Singh for the beautiful exhibition. I knew your talent for the first time, when you, without knowing me took a picture with me and my horse at a beach and sent to me, remember? Thank you for that and for sharing your talent. Hugs.
ƬᑌǤA, February 29, 2018

This is the most amazing body of work I have seen in sl, perfectly combining images linked to the sayings of the great mystic poet. A wonderful meditation :)
Mia Ono, February 12, 2018

Congrats to your Gallery. I found the revised famous artworks quiet entertaining. The Rumi room is incredible work over years and I enjoyed it. 
Lina Smedley, February 11, 2018

I loved seeing your amazing and inspiring art, Ambre.  I was priviledged to do so by the kind invitation of your friend Betty Verdant. Best wishes and warmest regards always
Alan Moonwinder, February 3, 2018

This is such a lovely place to visit. It's so calming that I will come back again and again.. 
Kirk Beam, January 30, 2018

Ambre is one of the most creative person I know. She explores Second Life with a very original approach. Her stream is a mix of poetry, craziness, fun and eroticism ... If you think you have seen everything, just spend some time browsing her pictures and you are in for big surprises! Well done Ambre, please continue to make us smile and laugh! 
Cathy Palen, December 19, 2017

Wonderful exhibit. I loved it! xoxo.
Cythe, November 12, 2017