A story by Cathy Palen, that started quite innocently indeed :

 When I joined the company, I was quickly introduced to Ambre. She was the same age than me, and after only one year of service, she was very successful. I understood very soon that she could either be my sworn enemy or my best ally. It finally turned out that we became good friends and efficient partners at work. It was a real pleasure to work with her, our skills were complementary and we were forming a good team together.

Only after a few months I discovered that I shared a passion with the cute brunette: tennis. She was a very good player herself and was a big fan of the same fantastic player: Roger Federer. We used to comment his matches, his style … and also his handsome physique, let’s be honest. (…)

Thank you Cathy for these months of fun! Can’t wait to start season 2 ? Grins

This is an eigth chapter series “The tennis match”: Read the story on her blog

We made a lot of pics during the months it took to create this story. Some were not kept for the final edition, but deserve a place of honour. There is the making of: