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The Pink Dildo, an exhibition unique in the history of the universe, has opened early August 2020.
Following the Pink Dildo, you will journey through the best and worse moments of mankind's history, with a special emphasis on the place of women through the ages. This exhibition is in English and French. The Pink Dildo exhibition is currently held in the NoirWen estates, in Second Life. 


You can visit it in Second Life at this address. The French Version of this page is under construction.

Gérôme, Bouguerolles, Alma-Tadema, and many other great artists trigger something deep in my soul.

A good way to feel this "something" is to enter into the artwork. SL is perfect for that.
Enjoy my history of art... revisited, version 2020. 

Best images of 2019

How do my friends see me? I was curious, so I asked photographers and artists to make a picture of me, how they see me, without any hint. I gathered also images taken by others across the years. The result is here. I am more than flattered.

She said, “There is a island in the SLshire with amazing waterfalls.” I grabbed the TP, rented a car as soon as I arrived, checked in at the Swan Lake Inn – and went on a discovery trip.
And got wet.

The gentle breeze, the scents of the sea and of the intense mediterannean flora… High on the isle, the house. At the top of a flight of stairs, the bedroom, a bed with linen sheets that smells of vetiver …
Irresistible. I squatted for the night.

Cloudbreak is an amazing sim, With immense beaches and luxuriant tropical inland. Many surprises, caves, rivers, waterfalls, statues… Lost in photographic frenzy, I ended up naked and shot some cool images, realizing only later on that it was a Moderate land.

I went back to the  Lost Unicorn forrest. And did many more discoveries.
Sim such as these make me love SL. Thank you ?

Walk lightly in the Lost Unicorn forrest, and you will discover her. As well as other fantasy beings, wildlife, lilly pounds and… a satiated sleeping bear. And much more.

Now that we are in the last days of an unusually warm summer, a morning walk in Frog Hollow helps to rejoice about the arrival of autumn. Discover by yourself, after seing some images of the Bimbo meeting bambies.

Take a deep breath, and clic TP. You have arrived in Kékéland. It will take time to load. This sim is an absolute wonder, an immersion into a typical italian fisherman’s village. Cinque Terre without the hord of tourists… ?

Cica Ghost has created a new little world, DayDream. Deliciously oniric and poetic.

I had a walk in the Mad Pea attraction park. It was an inspiring moment, and I shot a few pictures.

Spaceships are not what they used to be. Another technical failure forced me to land (well… crash) on a remote planet near the Adelbaran system. This time, things got a bit better : I found a bar!

If you hear the calling of Gaia, answer the call and follow this link. Gaia Calling is a wonderful sim made with light and infused with magical qualities, as you can see below…

The only compliments requiring no feedbacks are those given to oneself. So, exploring new ways to pleasure myself, I indulge in a little orange and blue selfie session.