If you hear the calling of Gaia, answer the call and follow this link. Gaia Calling is a wonderful sim made with light and infused with magical qualities, as you can see below…

The only compliments requiring no feedbacks are those given to oneself. So, exploring new ways to pleasure myself, I indulge in a little orange and blue selfie session.

Santa Maria Dell’Isola di Tropea, in Timeless memories, is open again, thanks to Oema who brought it back to life. This sim has a very sweet place in my heart, and is linked to important… timeless memories.

Best images of 2017

I was lucky enough to observe whales from very close several times, aboard a small boat or a zodiac. Although the sea was very cold, it was very tempting to dive and get in even closer contact with these wonderful beings.

There are places in Second Life that make your heart sing. Places that express the talent, poetry, creativity and love of their makers. Places that must be enjoyed while they still exist.

Best images of 2014

Another old series of pastiches, this time on movie posters. They were made between 2007 and 2013. 

How would it feel to walk into a harem painted by Gerome? To switch place with the woman depicted in American Gothic by Grant Wood? To surf on the tsunami wave of Hokusai, or be massaged by the octopus depicted in his The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife?

Anachronisms, Ambre’s travels through time, space and myths, is the first theme I explored, taking advantage of the fantastic creative opportunities offered by Second Life.