Exhibition at the Templeton Cove Art Walkway

Jaminda Moon and the Templeton Community invited me to exhibit some of my work in their lushious natural gallery space. I also added a shelve with my booklet serie. The opening was on March 7th, with a crowd of happy people, concluding with great tunes of DJ Harry Hargreaves. Thank you for hosting my art, and thank you for coming tasting it! 

The so kind intro by Jaminda Moon:

The title of this exhibition is the [.......]* World of Ambre Singh as Ambre herself invites us to insert the word/words to define this exhibition and her work  But therein lies the problem of defining Ambre's art as it has so many aspects to it! And indeed can we define it?  Or would we even want to?

Thinking about what to say about Ambre on a personal front so many words come to mind:  unique, intelligent, funny, quirky, sensual, thought provoking, naughty, erotic the list goes on, and am sure many of her friends here today would add more to that list!  So  in this spirit I invite you all to keep this in mind as you walk around this fantastic display  and view her work, what word/words would you insert into those brackets, if any? If you would like to share them with me that would be fantastic,  but if not I hope you really get a sense of the wonderful wide range of Ambre's talent.  Ambre regularly makes books of her art and today if you joining her fanclub group (which is free to join) there is a discount available including her new book "Morning Class".

So please ladies and gentleman take your time to look at these wonderful pictures our DJ today is Adam and we would like to thank him for doing the set today and providing us with great tunes for the next couple of hours, there is direction to the dance area if you would like to do so I shall be heading over there at some point! 

You can visit the exhibition here

The overview:


The art displayed:

Stay safe
When I'm bored - 5
Era l'estate-1
We are Light
Flat rocks
Bird song
Lazy Sunday morning
Galeotto fu il canotto - Part 2-1
How I went down
Hug in High Places
An education attempt
Lionesses solidarity
Primates & girafees
Seal vous plaît
A lazy late afternoon
A trip to Soul2Soul Coast -7
no comment
The Long Wait
Sun bath-1
In Nordeney
In Santa Iria
Rusted view
49829796241 51ca8c0901 o
Conversation 1
Isabel story Big Cover
New Mexico 2
Windy Faraway



Thank you for sharing your beautiful art with our Community.
Kitty Templeton

Congratulation! Wonderful works of art. I really enjoyed the exhibition, I especially liked the woman in handstand (When Im bored), the spilled chewing gums (Upppps), the spaceship - bathroom (Interlude) and the puppy on the lap (Lazy). Wish you much. 

Your work is witty, clever, sexy and delightful as always. I love the show.
Fenella Allen

Love your work Ambre Muwaaaaaaa

I have known you for years but you never cease to amaze me and when I think of you a smile appears on my lips.

Lovely collection!  Well done!...

Bravo Ambre, toujours aussi fan de ton travail et de ton humour. C'est beau, sensuel et drôle. j'adore. bisous.
Jean Chri

Yesterday I paid a visit to the inauguration of "The ( ……)* World of Ambre Singh”, Ambre’s new exhibition at Templeton Cove Events. Autofictions by Ambre, as poetic, humorous, sensual, inventive, anarchistic as ever, productions of a relentless imagination and picturesque skills… She exhibits “Morning Class”, a little tale she wrote quite a few years ago, adding today her artwork to make it "un livre d’images”, associating the spirit of childhood and a vision of the future. It has something of the charm of “Le Petit Prince” by Saint-Exupery, but is entirely Ambre’s own. An exhibition to grace the eyes, free the spirits and warm the hearts: well done, Ambre !
Eden Lennie


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