Santa Maria Dell’Isola di Tropea, in Timeless memories, is open again, thanks to Oema who brought it back to life. This sim has a very sweet place in my heart, and is linked to important… timeless memories.

Santa Maria Dell’Isola di Tropea is a stunning reproduction of the same location found in Italy. This location is open to everyone, especially those who enjoy Italian culture, art and romance.

Read more on the story told by Oema on her blog


Santamariadellisola 1
Santamariadellisola 10
Santamariadellisola 11
Santamariadellisola 12
Santamariadellisola 13
Santamariadellisola 14
Santamariadellisola 15
Santamariadellisola 16
Santamariadellisola 17
Santamariadellisola 18
Santamariadellisola 19
Santamariadellisola 2
Santamariadellisola 20
Santamariadellisola 3
Santamariadellisola 4
Santamariadellisola 5
Santamariadellisola 7
Santamariadellisola 8
Santamariadellisola 9

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