It can happen in many worlds: an island disappears . Flat ones may vanish when ocean waters rise. Others may collapse during a volcanic activity. In SL, an island disappears when the owner abandons the land.

850 years of history, generations of memories burnt. Yet... Dreaming that the purification quality of fire heals centuries of pain related to the Church, and that only the genius and beauty remains as the foundation of a rebuilt cathedral.

Sign of the times, the Happy Easter Fresco 2019 is politically correct has two versions, with or without yolk. A note for the vegan version: the rabbit on the right is not edible, he simply chose the wrong hole.

Each day a new little window opened on the final Christmas image... An unbearable suspense. 
Plus a bonus...

I spent some time visiting Transients, an amazing exhibition by Mrs and Mr S, hosted by the G.B.T.H. project. Room after room, disconcerting and dreamlike ambiances enchant the visitor. Be sure you know how to fly a bicycle before venturing in there!

A sunset in Andalusia … An incredible brightness. And … be careful … cactus.
That’s what I discovered while exploring La Frontera!

I love beaches. And dunes. And beautiful sims. I could only fall in love with the rebuilded sim of La Vie. I arrived there with Bobbi, Ellie and Eva, to shoot some of my now famous one-boob-out pictures. As the saying goes, “One breast out a day keeps the doctore away”. And in all my years of SL I never went to a see doctor (except for a few kinky pictures).

Summer 2018 has been exceptionally warm. Here are some tricks I found to cool down.

Let me strip you off
‘Cause I’m craving for Strawberry Tits

There was a photo contest on Flickr, called the four seasons. “Make four images, each depicting another season.” I liked the idea, but I was too lazy to make four images. Instead, I thought it would be cool to finally disclose the real story behind the creation of Antonio Vivaldi’s masterpiece, “The Four Seasons”.

He said: meet me in Luane’s world end of afternoon. I came early, and had so much fun with the trapeze and the surf that I totally forgot the time. When I met him, it was too late.

A story by Cathy Palen, that started quite innocently indeed :

An old childhood joke popped up in my mind:
– “Mom, I went in the park and played on the swing!”
– “I told you not to do it, the boys will see your panties!”
– “Don’t worry mom, I took them off before”.

My talented friend John Baic (In SL and Flickr) offered me this drawing today. I love it. Thanks thanks thanks!

A group in Flickr proposed a challenge: images inspired by movies… I could not resist. I did several of these between 2010 and 2013, for an exhibition. Below are the new images on the Movie theme for the April’s challenge of the SL Photo Challenge Flickr group ?

I went to see The Shape of Water movie. It was deeply moving. An oniric story, wonderfully far from the special effects we got used to in the usual superproductions. A drama, a tragic story, and yet with such a profound and all-pervasive poetry that all seemed perfect.