I love beaches. And dunes. And beautiful sims. I could only fall in love with the rebuilded sim of La Vie. I arrived there with Bobbi, Ellie and Eva, to shoot some of my now famous one-boob-out pictures. As the saying goes, “One breast out a day keeps the doctore away”. And in all my years of SL I never went to a see doctor (except for a few kinky pictures).




The shooting went great, proudly posing on the top of the dunes, and ended up in the water, the other boobs wanting some fresh air too. When Ellie and Eva left, various worlds calling their attention, Bobbi and I walked and played some more on the beach.





As the day came to a close, I couldn’t leave this magical place, and explored the inner land, meeting all kinds of beings. Much later, I found myself on the beach again, playfully savoring the waters and the moonlight.

Aneveninginlavie 1
Aneveninginlavie 2
Aneveninginlavie 3
Aneveninginlavie 4
Aneveninginlavie 5
Aneveninginlavie 6
Aneveninginlavie 7
Aneveninginlavie 8
Aneveninginlavie 9

And fell asleep under a tree.

aneveninginlavie 1 1

The first rays of sun woke me up. The sand was still cold from the night, and yet so good on my skin – I rolled down the dune until the water.

Moringinlavie 1
Moringinlavie 3
Moringinlavie 4
Moringinlavie 5
Moringinlavie 6

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