Commune Utopia has invited me to make a show this summer! 
In the Milky Way, there is a planet teeming with life forms. One of them called humanity has a rare peculiarity: it is lost in a dream. 
In this exhibition, Ambre Singh arouses her audience by peeling away layers of illusion one after the other. 
At arrival, take a "Breaking the Spell HUD"  for more infos. 

Commune Utopia has invited me to make a show this summer! 
In the Milky Way, there is a planet teeming with life forms. One of them called humanity has a rare peculiarity: it is lost in a dream. 
In this exhibition, Ambre Singh arouses her audience by peeling away layers of illusion one after the other. 
At arrival, take a "Breaking the Spell HUD"  for more infos, then click to visit the dream. In the main part of the exhibition, there is a panel offering translations in 14 languages.

A review by Diomita Maurer

Diomita Maurer did a fantastic review : read it here!

Images of the closing party, August 14, 2021

BTS closing party August 2021 - 1
BTS closing party August 2021 - 2
BTS closing party August 2021 - 3
BTS closing party August 2021 - 4
BTS closing party August 2021 - 5
BTS closing party August 2021 - 6
BTS closing party August 2021 - 7
BTS closing party August 2021 - 8
BTS closing party August 2021 - 9
BTS closing party August 2021 - 10

Testimonies for Breaking the Spell

Impressive and hard to find word! Now I need peace to feel what it is to be awake.

Interesting points of view from Ambre. As part of the spell breaking, I would assume let this information stew in your mind and come to your own conclusions. Sometimes things need to be said even if they are skewed in certain gale directions.. 

Beyond words.. nuff said... no topic untouched.. one will leave this exhibition enriched and reborn!
Marq Verlaine

This was a good one Ambre, someday I'd like to sit down and pick your mind lol ♥ 

Captivating, sensual, imaginative and witty, as always!

Of course you've turned this into a wonderful exhibition, it's a great and hopeful lecture for most of us...
Ryan Waco

Thank you for the invite and sharing such amazing exhibition. Best wishes always. CHEERS!

Thank you so much Ambre for the invite to your Breaking the Spell exhibit! Absolutely brilliant and so necessary now, in these confusing times. Shine on you beautiful diamond!
Tight hugs from Snissia <3

Une belle exposition très politiquement incorrecte ;) 
Le Père Vert

Bravo, Ambre, " Breaking the Spell" apporte un souffle d'air frais et salubre, une vraie promenade de SANTE ! Hugs and Kisses !
Eden Lennie

Ambre's work is funny, intelligent and always thought provoking this exhbition is amazing as you find yourself laughing at scary things!  Love it :)
Jaminda Moon

Deep stuff darling.. loved all three of the my dream cards... very funny.... kisses Posh. 
Posh Totty

Yay! Let's break the spell, together! Awesome exhibit! Hugs
Snissia Spinotti

Dear Ambre. You impressed me again. The exhibition was slightly bleak but it ends with a message of hope. This was the first time I really experienced true art in SL.
Kisses, Artemisa Cucuteniu

I think, today science, religion and power, helps for a better life. well, just for the life of a few and just for their lifes, not for the most. so, really great exhibition. thank you so much. :)
Ganzbaf Rasmuson

Congratulations Ambre for a thought provoking exhibition.
Mei Ni

Tu fais partie des ces êtres exceptionnels qu'on ne recontre que 2 ou trois fois dans sa vie.. 

Thanks, Ambre, for the affirmation :-)  Made me smile a lot.. hope it might make some other sending a request to their spirit about "All good today?" Go on, you beautiful mind :-). 

Non so  perchè, ma io  ti amo  sempre di più. 

I love your ideas and your creativity. Greatly enjoyed your exhibition. Eres.

Keep creating, keep doing what you love. You are amazing. This work is something for the whole world in sl or rl. I value your spirit and am grateful to be able to see your works. Thank you!

Beautiful work as always, truly love it, hug & kisses You talented  Woman!
Xara Boivin

The exhibit is very thought-provoking (as I'm sure was intended). On "Scientific Blindness", I would add that blindness TO Science has become a major problem which contributes to the decline of all societies. Thank you, Ambre  :)

"You know a million sheep will be dispersed by one lion's roar".

For me, the spell is broken...

Congratulations! More power!
αηgɘℓίкµs đɘø

Now, I suggest we start with mens clothes in SL: who needs  a business suit in here? lol

Have you ever thought about the possibility that we are the gods and that there might be someone wanting us to forget about it to control us? Congratulations for all involved in this project. Thank you.

Wooow, Ambre this was beautiful,amazing depiction of all that one would need to know abt these times. So much love time and purpose went into this and it is felt. Much love fellow starseed!xoxo-Foxey.
Lady Foxey Hendrix

Tysm Ambre was amazing time! will folow your work!
Joanie Wyatt

Nate Ravenhurst

You are always right on the ways you depict your feelings on the ways we are affected by "living" in this- or any world! It brings out viewpoints we may never have realized that others also feel but can't express.
Gregg Torgeson

Your work is always a good reason to make someone smile and feel good... I love your photos and your mind, my dear Ambre!.

This exhibit was amazing. So relateable at so many moments. 10 stars. Thanks for sharing this experience.
Jennifer Hiraeth

Dear Ambre, Brilliant again! Thank you for showing me the mirror of my true Being, much Love

That Art exhibit is outstanding. It's one of the best, thought provoking ones i've seen in sl in a long time.

I just visited 'Breaking the spell', and I am totally impressed! A wonderful work, very well thought out, a real wake up call! The message is clear and understandable for everyone. I had some of these thoughts before as well, but you put it all together into a whole. The whole installation is exceedingly well done and forms a perfect unit. Thank you very much for this! I wish the exhibition much success and quite a lot of visitors who become aware of the ban. To hope that mankind could free itself from it, must probably remain an illusion.
But I for my part take something with me from this installation, even if it is only knowledge... 

Congrats, my dear Ambre! I thought to leave message here too, even that i have already expressed to you my deep admiration for your art... Keep being you, keep make us smiling! Hugs and kisses! Mihailsk. 

Thank you for the wonderful exhibit. 
Stars Halfpint

Congratulations...amazing exhibition always...this one took longer to explore...much to think about.

Images of the opening party, June 12, 2021

Images by Freja, thank you ❤


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