An exhibition in Noir’Wen - May 2021

The human being is full of contradictions. Homo Sapiens (in Latin, sapiens means "one who knows") spends a good part of his existence trying not to know. This tendency to deny, probably the source of all psychoses, is the main activity of the ego. It is so much easier to deny or erase or eliminate what bothers us, even if it never works (...) 

An exhibition in Noir’Wen - May 2021

The human being is full of contradictions. Homo Sapiens (in Latin, sapiens means "one who knows") spends a good part of his existence trying not to know. This tendency to deny, probably the source of all psychoses, is the main activity of the ego. It is so much easier to deny or erase or eliminate what bothers us, even if it never works. 

Today, our worldviews are being challenged more than ever. And instead of using crises to evolve, we tend to mask the problems with a veneer of outdated ideas. We rewrite textbooks, we rename streets, we sterilize languages, we censor everything that goes beyond. For the common good, of course.

I believe that to accept reality without wanting to deny it, a good dose of humor is needed. 

Here, in 14 paintings, is an opportunity to laugh at our contradictions and, perhaps, to gain some sapience.

Ambre Singh
May 2021


You can visit it in Second Life at this address.


 Titilliations SparkleBottom Lasertits

The Statue of Felicity, New York

Country: United States
Artists: Augustine Bartholdi and Juliette Eiffel
Year: 1886
Height: 125 ft

felicitysmallOver the centuries and across the globe, there wasn’t a statue as well recognized as the Statue of Felicity. The most significant landmark of America, Lady Liberty symbolized mankind’s quest for ecstasy.

While many people believe it to be a naughty gift from France, it was a joint effort of initiated by women of both countries. The sculpture reached New York around two years before the pedestal (work entrusted to men) was ready, and arrived in 350 pieces packed in 214 crates.

A few months after its inauguration, a coalition of influential men replaced the dildo Lady of Felicity proudly brandished with a stupid torch, and erased all mention of the intrepid women who created this fine amalgam of brilliant art, excellent engineering and prospective vision.



Titilliations Alurcha Niekerk 

The Great Sphinx, Giza

Country: Egypt
Artists: Unknown
Year: 12500 BCE
Height: 65 ft

sphynxsmallOne of the largest and oldest statues allegedly built by man. There is a lot of dispute about which Pharaoh commissioned the Sphinx; the truth is it was Isis herself who had this monument made in memory of her favorite pet. It is said that she even let him play with her pink dildos. 

Both the size and age of this Sphinx make it one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is carved out of a single limestone ridge, which makes it one of the most massive monolithic statues ever carved by humans.

With the arrival of the monotheistic cults, religious authorities removed the dildo from the legs of the Sphinx and straightened its head. Furious, Isis inflicted them the Ten Plagues of Egypt, later falsely attributed to the God of Israel. 



Titilliations Dea Aurelia

Magdalena the Redeemer, Rio De Janeiro

Country: Brazil
Artist: Pauline Landowski
Year: 1931
Height: 98 ft

riosmallMagdalena the Redeemer may be one of the few statues that become a landmark not just for a country, but also for an entire continent. It is one of the largest structures in South America. 

The statue was originally made to pay tribute to Mary Magdalena, without whom Christianity would never have existed. She is the one who pushed Jesus to go out and teach the crowds. Without her encouragement, he would have been content to publish a few blogs, which would have been quickly censored by the authorities of the time.   

Horrified by this initiative, the clergy immediately had the statue replaced by a poor male equivalent. 

Considering the idiocy of the present government, there is little chance to see the original statue reinstalled in the near future.



Titilliations Nina Melodious

The Janneken Pis, Brussels

Country: Belgium
Artist: Jennifer Duquesnoy the Elder
Year: 1388

jannekensmallIn the Middle Ages, one of the reasons given by men to justify their superiority was that they could pee standing up, which shows how ignorant they were. 

A brave artist of the time, Jennifer Duquesnoy the Elder, created this small statue of a standing peeing girl to educate the male population, and placed it above the fountain near the Grand Palace. 

Of course, the religious authorities interfered and the original statue was soon replaced by a male cherub. 

Centuries later, a new statue of a squatting, peeing girl was erected on the north side of the Grand Place, for the sake of gender balance. 

But the original intention was lost. 



Titilliations Lady Barbara de Winterworlf

Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C

Country: USA
Artist: Daniel Chester French
Year: 1776-1922

lincolnsmallOriginally, the nation's Founding Fathers were deeply inspired by Wiccan cults (a counterfeit of ancient pink dildo rituals). The importance of this spiritual heritage is demonstrated by the two dildos that adorn the sides of the Lincoln seat. 

Soon enough, Freemasonry infiltrated the heart of the U.S. government, displaying its symbols everywhere from banknotes to city planning structures. 

The dildos on the seat of Lincoln were replaced by the sheaves of wheat favored by the Freemasons. 

It is a magical ritual: no woman has ever been elected to the highest office. 



Titilliations Nicole Verlaine

Venus de Milo, Paris

Country: France
Creator: Alexandros of Antioch
Year: 130-100 BC

venussmallOne of the Louvre’s main attractions, Venus de Milo, is believed to depict the Greek goddess of beauty and love, Aphrodite. The statue is named after the place of discovery, i.e. the ancient city of Milo.

With his return of a war which he had lamentably lost, king Demetrios II Nikator was refused the royal bed by his wife, with the pretext of a nasty migraine. 

Furious, he broke the two arms of the statue of Aphrodite which he had received as a wedding present. The queen recovered discreetly the pieces, of which she made good use. 

Many centuries later, the arms were found with other precious objects in the queen's tomb. Not surprisingly, this discovery was never revealed to the public. 



Titilliations Lilou Lefevre

The Thinker, Paris

Country: France
Artist: Camille Claudel
Year: 1902
Height: 20 feet

thinkersmallSitting on a stone, lost in her thoughts, the Thinker sums up the essence of a woman’s existence: sentio, ergo sum (I feel, therefore I am). 

A strong depiction of women's condition, this masterpiece represents weariness in the face of male arrogance. Exceptional sculptor, Camille Claudel was also Auguste Rodin's inspiration, muse, model, lover and confidant; yet she always remained in his shadow. 

It is to make him understand her dismay that Camille Claudel created The Thinker. Fearing that Camille's success would outstrip his own, Rodin hurried to make a male version of the statue. 




Titilliations Nathalie Monday

David, Firenze

Country: Italy
Artist: Michelangelo
Year: 1501
Height: 17 ft 

davidsmallDavid, Michelangelo’s finest masterpiece, is one of the most iconic sculptures ever made. 

Carved out of white marble, Michelangelo’s David isn’t standing over the slain Goliath, as seen in earlier depictions of this biblical figure. Instead, his bravery and strength reflect in his confidence and - a little known fact - in the laser pink dildo with which he defeated the giant. This dildo had been entrusted to him by an Aesenian priestess resisting the power of the Phillistines.  

In order not to anger Michellangello, the Medici waited for his death before removing the pink dildo from the statue, a symbol of feminine power that was unthinkable to display in public. 

Today, David stands in the Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence, and everyone believes the story of the sling.



Titilliations Colm Midnight

The Martyrdom of Saint Teresa, Rome, Italy

Country: Italy
Artist: Gian Lorenzo Bernini
Year: 1647-52

theresasmallThis marble ensemble alledgedly depicts the spiritual awakening of Saint Teresa. In reality, the original sculpture (hidden in the basements of the Vatican) tell an entirely different story: the angel refuses to return her dildo to Theresa, while exciting her. 

This unbearable vision of martyrdom, very far from the canons of the time, forced the Vatican authorities to commission a new version of the work to Bernini - specifying that any mention of the pink dildo was strictly forbidden since the Council of Nicaea in 325. 

As Theresa's propensity for rapture was proverbial, the new sculpture had to illustrates some form of ecstasy; the questionable final public version shows the saint being penetrated by the arrow of God's love.  



Titilliations Holly

The Angel of the North, Gateshead

Country: England
Artist: Sir Antony Gormley
Year: 1994-98
Height: 66 ft

angelsmallOne of the most famous statues in the United Kingdom, the massive Angel of the North initially symbolized the potential to reach heaven through orgasm. It was also a work of exceptional technical qualities: in strong winds, the structure would start to vibrate and all those present on the hill would experience sensations of great pleasure. 

As the local population did not go to work and spent all their time on the hill enjoying the effects of the sculpture, the authorities replaced the artwork with the figure of an angel, with vertical striations cancelling the vibrations. 

Today, the statue commemorates the construction site, a depleted coal mine, and grasps the transition of UK from the industrial age to the information age. According to Sir Antony Gromley, it serves as a focal point for the evolution of hopes as well as fears as a nation.



Titilliations Sondra Andel

Uyghur Women's Liberation Army, Xian

Country: China
Artist: Unknown
Year: 246 – 208 B.C

uyghursmallIn the burial site of the first Chinese Emperor, Qin Shi Huang, these 8000 life-sized soldiers carved out of terracotta clay were uncovered near the tomb of the Emperor. Today's narrative is that his army was guarding the Emperor in the afterlife. 

In fact, it was the first women's liberation army, composed of female Uyghur warriors. They opposed the Emperor's hegemony and the authoritarian and patriarchal culture that he wanted to impose throughout China at the time. He built a huge shopping mall with the best fashion designers, and by trickery lured the women inside, then blocked all the exits. 

He continued his conquests and at the end of his life, considering that it was his best move, built this funeral site including the statues of the 8000 soldiers he had trapped. 

The conflict with the Uyighurs is still not resolved. 



Titilliations coco

Moai, Rapa Nui, Easter Island

Location: Eastern Island
Artist: Unknown
Year: 1400s
Height: 70 feet

eastersmallLegend has it that giant women visited from outer space came to teach the natives, then left in a hurry, leaving their dildos behind. Carved from compressed volcano ash, Moai statues were built somewhere around the 1400s to honor these legendary beings and their amazing toys. 

The natives of Rap Nui Island still consider these statues to be a source of power, pleasure and spiritual energy for their people.

There are 900 completed Moai, and more than 300 incomplete ones discovered so far. Unfortunately, nowadays the dildos are no longer recognizable: tourists have had fun carving heads into the monoliths. 



Titilliations Trexy

The Mother Calls, Volgograd

Country: Russia
Artist: Yevgeny Vuchetich
Year: 1959-67
Height: 279 ft

volgogradsmallLong before the beatniks and their famous "Make love, not war", this statue commemorated the fervent call of Russian women to their men: we don't want to give birth to beings to end up on the battlefield! Don't count on us anymore, our dildos are enough for us! 

The fact that it is the highest statue in the world was not enough. Ironically, the Battle of Stalingrad took place under the statue. Instead of turning the swords into ploughshares, the Soviet authorities replaced the dildo with a sword and renamed the statue "Call of the Motherland".





Titilliations Elo & Teagren Ondrata

Apollo and Daphne, Rome

Country: Rome
Creator: Gian Lorenzo Bernini
Year: 1625

apollodaphnesmallThis statue was commissioned by an ardent patron of the arts, Cardinal Scipione Borghese, with the sole task of illustrating the story of Apollo and Daphne. After having researched extensively on the mores of Olympus, Bernini brilliantly illustrated how men and gods are slaves to their desires, and controlled by women. 

Despite the fact that very few artists have been able to sculpt both male and female figures with such perfection, the statue did not suit the cardinal. Poor Bernini had, once again, to make a new statue. 

The politically correct version, showing Apollo in rut pursuing Daphne with his ardor, is on display at the Galleria Borghese, the most esteemed gallery in Rome.



Ambre Singh

ambreHolder of the Chair of Art History at Noir'WEn University, Ambre Singh is often regarded as the Lara Croft of 10th to 18th century art.

Intrepid, insensitive to controversy, she invites us to uncover the fake news of history.

With obvious pleasure, she also brings to light the role of women throughout history. 



The first public display of Cancel Culture has taken place in May 2021 in Art Gallery of the NoirWen Estates.

A big thank you to Belice Benoir and Nieu, who once again host this exhibit. I thank my models Dea and Zander for the Apollo and Daphne reconstitution.

Ambre Singh



In SL: Ambre Singh
Complete Bio on this page.




Praises for Cancel Culture in Noir'Wen exhibition

Ambre, unstoppable, and will never have her idea's and imagination suppressed or the light put out. Thank you for sharing your work.
Matty Bluesky

Thanks for all the great work and exhibit!
Ian Tull

Some are better than original ones! Congrats. 

Really fun and inventive images. The first gallery of the pink dildo was amazing too :))
Una and Bo Zano

A provocative mix of fantasy, wit and tackiness!

Yet another astoundingly appropeaux experience in the concise and accurate mind of the Lady Singh.
Gregg Torgeson

Ambre's humour and deep sense of history comes up trumps in this amazing exhbition!! I loved it (especially the Angel of the North ;)
Jaminda Moon

Inspire, action, inspiration, dès notre naissance les murs invisibles se dressent, délicats à franchir. Ils sont invisibles! Nous en faisons l’expérience quotidiennement. Ils ne se remarquent pas. Nous ne nous apercevons pas les avoir heurtés. Nous supposons le choc consécutif à toutes autres origines. Ces murs, fantômes de notre histoire, bornent notre chemin. Qui donc construit ces murs ? Les rendre visibles est impossible. Alors, comment les éviter ?
Toutes les observations convergent. Des signes nous alertent, perceptibles. Cela signifie que notre regard, pas plus que notre attention ne s’attardent sur ces avertissements. Nous nous souvenons de quelques mots, quelques paroles explicites... après la chute. Des sensations nous reviennent auxquelles nous n’avons pas prêté attention. Retours d’émotions amères, de pilules délicates à avaler. Pourquoi toujours trop tard?
Le contraire nous rendrait une vie insoutenable de douleurs. Je me souviens de ces attitudes d’enfance qui faisaient dire oui en pensant non, plus rarement l’inverse, et pourtant sans jamais mentir à d’autres que soi-même. Fausses croyances que toutes celles qui se sont accumulées au fil de nos premières années. En doutez-vous ? Sans doute avez-vous alors rencontré le Père Noël ! Moi j'ai rencontré Ambre !!!
Lilou Lefèvre

This exhibition made me smile from ear to ear. Thanks!! ^_^
Iris Okiddo