It can happen in many worlds: an island disappears . Flat ones may vanish when ocean waters rise. Others may collapse during a volcanic activity. In SL, an island disappears when the owner abandons the land.

This is what will happen with Santa Maria Dell’Isola di Tropea. This pure jewel of mediterranean island is associated with many happy memories, since some years now. Oema, who kept the island alive for many many month, (thank you thank you thank you Oema! ) will abandon the land at the end of April 2019. 

I spent a last day on the island, and collected some more photographic memories.

Adieu, Santa Maria Dell’Isola di Tropea!

Byesantamaria 1
Byesantamaria 2
Byesantamaria 4
Byesantamaria 5
Byesantamaria 6
Byesantamaria 7
Byesantamaria 8
Byesantamaria 9
Byesantamaria 10
Byesantamaria 11
Byesantamaria 12
Byesantamaria 13
Byesantamaria 14
Byesantamaria 15
Byesantamaria 17
Byesantamaria 21
Byesantamaria 22
Byesantamaria 23
Byesantamaria 24
Byesantamaria 25
Byesantamaria 26
Byesantamaria 27
Byesantamaria 28
Byesantamaria 29
Byesantamaria 30

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