Two things are infinite, said Einstein, the universe and human stupidity; before adding, but I'm not sure for the universe.

Since my early childhood, I cannot trust authorities - parental, medical, religious, political, and so on. Today, it offers me an interesting vantage point to observe our planetary crisis. Fake authorities fuck fake folks. Let's smile about it.

Another strategy
Aprils fool day
Before a meeting in Venice
Choices, more choices
Confinement, day
Earth case solved
Empty town
Garrigua April Contest - Armed robbery
Happy Easter
Hit the fan
If you believe
Lock down - Collateral dammage
Masquerade, season 2, episode
Misinformed bunny
Mom! Dad! You did this damn vaccine!
The Long Wait
Through the earsSL
Very promishing SQ
What matters
Wont work