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He said, join me for a week-end in my little Lago di Como villa. 

A car was waiting for me at the exit of the airport in Milano Malpensa. An hour later, the driver dropped me off at the Yacht Club di Como. From there, a speedboat took me to Villa Capriccio.

Lagodicomo 01

I had arrived.

1 He said, join me for a week end in my little Tuscany villa

As my trip had been meticulously orchestrated, I was surprised that no one came to greet me. I glanced around, shouted "hello, is anyone there?", but there was no answer. Intrigued, and seeing the size of the villa, I decided to call him. 

Lagodicomo 2

No answer.

I left my luggage in the entrance and went to look for him. In front of an extraordinary pool decorated with sculptures, a table and some chairs. As I approached, I noticed that a cigarette was still smoking in the ashtray. 

Lagodicomo 3

Bizzare. I went up the ramp to the floor, taking the time to admire the artwoks.

Lagodicomo 4

Lagodicomo 5

When I got to the top, I called out again. No answer. So I started snooping. 

Lagodicomo 6

On a sideboard in the corridor, I discovered a strip of photos from a photo booth. No doubt about it, I'm in his house, and this is the right villa!  

Lagodicomo 7

Full of a new resolution, I resumed my research.

In his study, I saw the book about my Pink Dildo Museum, and a photo from our vacation in the Seychelles. This man has good taste.


In the adjoining living room, another... cigarette (?) was smoking in an ashtray. And there was a fire in the fireplace. Strange.


Intrigued, I continued my research. 

Even more strange: the table is set for 12 guests. And I still haven't met any house staff!


Passing through the kitchen, I warmed up a bowl of soup I found in the fridge.


Further on, I found the concert hall. I played a Rachmaninov overture hoping to see someone coming, without success.


Slightly annoyed, I went up to the second floor. I called out again... Silence.


Another office. OMG, last year's photo session! He must really have a crush on me...


A little further, I arrived in his private rooms... Always an interesting moment.

Ohhhhhh it's so sweet!  He hung the painting I gave him for his birthday!


I decided to search his bedroom, to find some clues.  At the entrance, on the shelves, some books; one of them catched my attention: "Up in the sky". Hidden message?


In the center of the room, a sofa, a coffee table, some magazines. Oh wait, one of them is open on an article about my last exhibition! And there again, there was fire in the fireplace... Thinking, I texted him. 


It was getting late. I went out on the balcony, calling at the top of my lungs "Anybody home?" Not a sound, except for the distant trickle from the fountain.


Tired of searching, I went to the bathroom. Everything indicated that he was home, right down to the toothbrush.  


Enough was enough. I ran a bath, telling myself that a little rest was welcome, and that I would continue my search after some sleep. 



I had been asleep for a while when a sexy female voice woke me up: "Your battery is getting low. Switching to low power mode". I sat up, suddenly understanding: on my phone Siri speaks with a male voice. I exclaimed: "Siri! Siri! Say something!"


The phone replied, "It's 4:16 a.m., the outside temperature is 21 degrees, and it's going to be a sunny day with a few high clouds." I found the phone, under the bed, and started to worry: he always has it with him!


Much less calm, I resumed my search, determined to turn the house upside down if necessary, and ran to the gardens. 



Nobody here...


Empty here...


I searched the gardens until dawn. What an idea to have created such a labyrinth! Out of breath, I ran down a flight of stairs that led to the beach. 


When I arrived at the beach, I suddenly understood everything!  I was just in time! 


I rushed in, taking off my shirt to free my secret weapons. 


The confrontation was brief, and without mercy. They had no chance to escape. 


I freed my friend and his staff, all shocked to the core, and we returned to the villa. 



When we got upstairs, we started with a round of strong coffees washed down with the estate's grappa, a form of debriefing that I particularly recommend.


My grappa treatment did not produce the desired results, so I took him to the bathroom and put him in a warm bath.  


The bath seemed to do him good. Relieved, I made faces at him in the mirror.  


The bath seemed to do him good. Relieved, I made faces at him in the mirror. I had finally found him, and we had hours to catch up. I pushed him into bed. 

Where he fell asleep instantly. 


I tried petting. The soft words. The licks. I even put an ice cube in the hollow of his back. Nothing to do, the man slept imperturbably. Resigned, I spent the rest of the night thinking about alien invasions, about the firmness of his buttocks, about our next vacation.


Dawn was coming. And I had important appointments later in the day. 


With one last fond look, I left the bedroom, and went to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. 


I had luckily asked for the speedboat pilot's phone, and asked him to pick me up. 


I will come back to spend a few days in Villa Capriccio. But this time we'll arrive together.




This story was shot in the awesome Villa Capriccio, in Majesterium. 
One of the most beautiful build I ever saw, which inspired this story.

So first of all, thank you to his creator, Patch Thibaud (his Flickr). Patch, you instill soul into your creations!

Thank you to Ciaran Harbour (his Flickr), who so kindly jumped in when I needed a handsome man for the last scenes. 

Thank you to Dea (her Flikr), who is always a loving support. ❤️

The taxi for the sim: Villa Capriccio, Majesterium

Soon: the movie version of this story....